FIRE Lab Kids Info for Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

FIRE Lab Kids provides a safe place for young people to play as they learn about fresh waters and the research that our lab is involved in. On this site, you will find books, activities, and games of various skill levels aimed at young people between the ages of 5 and 11.

In addition to the materials shared here on our wesbite, we would currenlty like to get printed copies of our booklet, Jac’s River Adventure, out to schools in Wales, with a particular focus on schools in and around Swansea. The booklet features a short poetic story, demonstrates cross-disciplinary approaches to learning as relevant to the new Welsh curriculum, and offers a series of short activities to get young people thinking about and engaging with their local rivers. Below is a flyer about our STEM Club, established through STEM Ambassadors. Through this STEM club we would like to engage teachers and young people in short enrichment activities, using Jac’s River Adventure, that can also help to inform our research about young people’s relationships and learning about rivers. If you are a teacher, parent, or carer and are interested in this STEM Club opportunity, please write to Stephanie at s.r.januchowski(at)

Jac’s River Adventure is a short poetic story about a dog named Jac and her adventure along the River Tawe that flows in South Wales, United Kingdom. The Jac’s River Adventure is available for download as a .pdf and is now also available in a printed version. The Welsh translation is also coming soon in late 2020!

There are activities linked with Jac’s River Adventure that can be downloaded as .pdfs and used as writing and drawing prompts to lead young people in discussions and creative sessions about what lives (or doesn’t) in rivers near them or far away.

The Your Local River – lead your own river adventure – an activity that can be lead by young people outside or online using digital platforms such as Google Earth. We have shared several videos on this page, including a video sharing one way that young people can access Google Earth and create their own adventure and map of a river through that platform.

The Your Artworks Gallery displays completed activities and artworks shared by young FIRE Lab Kids team members from around the world! See what others have created and shared about rivers they know, visit, or would like to visit someday!

We encourage you to check back to this site often as new stories and activities are being developed and posted frequently. We’ll provide updates about new and frequently accessed materials as they become available.

Thank you! May the fish be with you!