River Adventure STEM Club with Stephanie and Daphne

Autumn 2020: We would like to get printed copies of our booklet, Jac’s River Adventure, out to schools in Wales, with a particular focus on schools in and around Swansea. The booklet features a short poetic story, demonstrates cross-disciplinary approaches to learning as relevant to the new Welsh curriculum, and offers a series of short activities to get young people thinking about and engaging with their local rivers. Below is a flyer about our STEM Club, established through STEM Ambassadors. Through this STEM club we would like to engage teachers and young people in short enrichment activities, using Jac’s River Adventure, that can also help to inform our research about young people’s relationships and learning about rivers. We can adapt this enrichment activity to the needs and classroom of any teacher or community group. If you are a teacher, parent, or carer interested in this STEM Club opportunity, please write to Stephanie at s.r.januchowski(at)swansea.ac.uk.